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How to sell a house with a newborn baby

This is our second sale in two years and although the homes are hundreds of miles apart, a few things are exactly the same...mainly this: Selling a home in the current market is hard. Add a newborn baby to the mix and you've got a recipe for hair-loss. Throw in your wife (who has to heal from the delivery) and we're looking up at Everest with a mostly bald head...despite solid genetics from your mother's father. Stress is an understatement, but we just sold our home and in less than 15 days. Yes you read that correctly. Read more for tips on how to sell your pad with a newborn and without losing your grip on reality.

oh...the places you'll go

At the end of February when I started honey-do-this, Rach and pulled an all-nighter planning it out. We were both super excited. Re-do some rooms in the house, get things organized, build some furniture and prepare for the baby. It was only brought to my attention recently that there's a word for this...NESTING!

do not do it yourself

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