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Yo Mama!

photo(12) Yo Mama's! Happy Mother's Day! Here's a surprise I whipped up for my buddy Rachel. If you haven't seen the massive blank walls in my great room, they're very easy to imagine: 20ft walls with NOTHING on them. I wanted to do a 6 or 8 modern photo frame series featuring varying scales and poses. So last month Maddy and I had a little photo-shoot!

Being a stay-at-home dad

d&m After giving it some serious thought, I've got this to say about being a stay-at-home dad: It's brought out all of the inadequacies in me, as a man and as a person in general. Everyone has a self-perception, who and what they see when they look in the mirror. Who you think you are. Taking care of a baby all day and night forced me to re-investigate how I perceived myself. Who am I? Am I really as patient as I thought? Am I selfish? Yea, I probably was.

Making a new house a home

The initial surge of excitement after getting the keys to a new pad is amazing, but all good things come to an end...My excitement ended right around the time I realized: A. This whole house needs furnishing and B. We don't have any toilet paper Here's where I started in order to get this new house feeling like home...

Diaper Bag for Dads

You know what's hard to find? A simple diaper bag for dads. But you know what I figured out? Diaper bags can be any bag! Just add diapers! And bottles...and wipes...and...well, check out what I picked up after the jump!

do not do it yourself

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