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Monday, May 13, 2019

Build a Mid Century Modern Sofa Table

It has been a LONG week! While my body wants to sit on the couch and watch reruns of the girlmore girls, my mind says I should be in the workshop building. SO! I sourced out some really great 22" hairpin legs from a company based out of Columbus and will be using them to build a mid century modern sofa...

How to Properly Dispose of Oil Soaked Rags

Unlike most of...everything I do, this is super serious business. It's something every rookie (and veteran) DIY'er should know before jumping headfirst into a wood staining project. So here it is: Oil soaked rags can SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST! I kid you not, kid! After reading extensively about the subject on the internet, I'm a pretty much the leading expert on this now. So let me...

Designing a Mid Century Modern Sofa Table

After Rachel finished up with work for the day, I got a half-hour free from the kiddos to sit down and sketchup the design for my upcoming mid century modern sofa table build. I ordered 22" hairpin legs from my friends at hairpinlegs.com based out of Columbus. (Well...OK. We're not actually friends but...we could be...someday...maybe?) Anyway, they did me a...

Transform an Old Mirror with Color

We've had FIVE houses in just seven years. Each one of those houses had...a lot of rooms. Most of which I designed (and painted...and whined about painting). So after moving into the latest and greatest, we started realizing this STUFF worked perfectly in our previous spaces, but totally stick out like sore thumbs here. SO rather than buying new, we took an...

Build a Blanket Ladder

Hundreds of years ago American colonists designed their furniture to be much simpler than that of their European counterparts; often ditching ornate details in name of function over form. Makes sense, right? They had to HUSTLE to survive! American colonists' furniture design trends were also years behind that of their European counterparts because of the ocean and stuff. Well fast forward to present day...

Build an Upcycled Coffee Table

While walking back from the park with the kids I stumbled upon two chairs that my neighbors were throwing away curbside . So under the cover of darkness I TOOK those chairs and ran awkwardly into my garage. It sounds much creepier than it actually was. Or maybe not. In any case, today I’ll be using the legs from...

Build a Wall Mounted Desk

Today I built two brackets from 1x4's to be used in conjunction with an Ikea LINNMON desktop to make an AMAZING (subjective) wall mounted desk. A true underdog story. https://www.youtube.com/embed/lTxQ59GE91Q Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: One Day Cost: Under $50 Main Bracket: 2 – 1 × 4 @ 24″ 2 – 1 × 4 @ 23-1/4″ Angled Mitered Supports: 2 – 1 × 4 @ 24″ both ends cut to 45...

Build a 3 Drawer Dresser

After going into their closet and barely making it out alive, I spent the majority of two weekends designing and building a three drawer dresser for my girls' bedroom. The project is pretty straight forward, but gets a little trickier when drawer slides are involved. More details soon! Difficulty: Intermediate Time Required: Weekend+ Cost: Under $100