Build a Picture Frame without a Table Saw

I've been searching the web for some direction on how to make some picture frames, but the results so far have been underwhelming. I'm finding that either the how-to articles call for tools I don't own yet (TABLESAW!), or the tutorials have no pictures and terrible directions (like the books I read, I require the tutorials I follow to include pictures). With consistently demoralizing results, I decided to make my own.

Repurpose an Ikea Nightstand

Over the years we've collected furniture. Not as a hobby or anything, just out of necessity. So this is a piece from my old bedroom set that was in Rachel's office taking up space. I was thinking of ways to turn this into something a little bit more useful. Hmm... A place to put some paperwork and other odds and ends, mayhaps? A file-cabinet-type-thingy you say? Why not!

Thrift Shop 'Til You Drop

There was a little thrift shop around my university, so sometimes after my internship or class  I would run over there to look for diamonds in the rough. When I told Rachel I was at the thrift store she was like, "WHAT?! We aren't poor!" She was born in a very poor district of the Philippines and always had hand-me-downs. So I said, "We're in a recession, lady! Plus they have nicer clothes than I'm wearing right now!" They've got brand-name stuff now, ya know. Anyway, clothing aside...thrift stores have odds and ends you wouldn't expect...

Something Amazing.