Repurpose an Ikea Nightstand

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Over the years we’ve collected furniture. Not as a hobby or anything, just out of necessity. So this is a piece from my old bedroom set that was in Rachel’s office taking up space. I was thinking of ways to turn this into something a little bit more useful. Hmm…

A place to put some paperwork and other odds and ends, mayhaps? A file-cabinet-type-thingy you say?

Why not!


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Thrift Shop ‘Til You Drop

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There was a little thrift shop around my university, so sometimes after my internship or class  I would run over there to look for diamonds in the rough. When I told Rachel I was at the thrift store she was like, “WHAT?! We aren’t poor!” She was born in a very poor district of the Philippines and always had hand-me-downs.

So I said, “We’re in a recession, lady! Plus they have nicer clothes than I’m wearing right now!” They’ve got brand-name stuff now, ya know.

Anyway, clothing aside…thrift stores have odds and ends you wouldn’t expect…


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