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After a full year of my family eating dinner in the breakfast room like ANIMALS, I finally got around to building my double pedestal modern farmhouse dining table™.

Special thanks to Osborne Wood Products for their beautiful “Timeless Trestle Table” base kit. Use “DIYRICK10” to get 10% the kit!


Time Required:
2 Weekends


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Assembling the base kit

Assembling the Timeless Trestle Table base kit is fairly straight forward. First you’ll want to flip over both pedestals. Next, line up the holes on the crossbeam, place the two feet over the pre-drilled holes on the crossbeam and finally attach the screws with washers using a 3/4″ ratchet or ratchet bit. Check out the short assembly video above to see these steps in action!

Building the tabletop

This was my first time attempting a breadboard end table top properly so I was NERVOUS. Since I didn’t want there to be any fear in the process, I used inexpensive 5/4″ select pine boards from Home Depot. While I recognize pine is NOT the best option for a dining table top as it’s very soft, practicing on materials that are less than $150 seemed reasonable to me. In the future i’d like to use maple or walnut.

Attaching the tabletop

The most important thing to consider when attaching a base to a top is seasonal changes in the wood used for the tabletop.

Humidity and temperature are going to make the wood tighten up and push out across the width of the table, depending on said humidity and temperature . So to allow for this movement we need to elongate our holes in the base.

Pre-drill into the base and then slowly work the drill bit back and forth to elongate the holes. Repeat this on all four sides of the table base.


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