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Master Closet Makeover

For years we’ve moved around the country inheriting master closets in AS-IS condition since all but one of the houses we’ve purchased were USED! Our first house had the 1970s white-painted wood shelf and metal bar. The Seattle home had a fancy custom closet system, while the other three along with our current (and hopefully last) home had the white wire shelves.

White Wire Shelving Woes

White wire shelving should be outlawed. There, I said it. While its practicality for home builders is undeniable (cheap and easy to install), it’s an AFFRONT to aesthetics. While this may come off as a bit heavy handed, the reason is once these shelves are installed, they’re rarely touched again! We’ve seen hundreds of houses over the years and the “dream master closet” never presented itself. Sure, the “very nice” master closets showed up maybe 5% of the time. But the rest were generally sad, derelict holes cut into rooms without even so much as a fresh coat of paint, let alone a loving touch from a thoughtful homeowner.

Well guess what. I’m full of LOVE and touch…when it comes to closets, anyway.

My master bedroom has two closets adjacent from one another, equal in size and white wire shelving. My wife gave our only dresser to me-an act of true love. As a result, all of her folded clothes are haphazardly folded and sitting on the top of the wire shelf while her STRICTLY UTILITARIAN accessories such as socks, bras and underwear are in storage cubes on the floor. A sad state of affairs, in more ways than one.


My wife is a corporate working mom who spends a lot of time getting ready in the morning and listen, I feel bad. She’s dressing out of storage cubes and wire shelves. This is how she starts every one of her days. I feel guilty.

Wallpaper Accent Wall

So this time I’m going all out. I’m going to create an accent wall featuring a pattern by one of Sweden’s most important designers- Josef Frank. This wallpaper will be the heart of the closet, introducing pleasant floral drawings with an organic, warm pattern.

Updated Light Fixture

Next I’ll be replacing the light fixture. A classy and classic brushed brass fixture from West Elm (it was on sale) to draw your eye up, but not distract from the already busy accent wall.

Custom Walk-in Closet Storage System

Finally I’m building a custom center closet unit with (4) shaker-style drawers and (3) cubbies. Shooting out from both sides will be closet rods, built from painted wood dowels and brass spray painted hardware. I purchased about 75 wooden hangers from the container store, finally putting to rest a mishmash of colorful hangers from the past five decades.

Craigslist Score!

To complete the space I picked up a $40 freestanding floor mirror off of craigslist that my mom actually payed for because I had no cash on hand and didn’t want to go to the ATM…

Upgraded Accessories

…and a new modern door knob and flat light switch. THAT’S EVERYTHING!

My wife argues that this is the first time I’ve actually finished anything, to which I reply with…

I’ll show myself out.

Check back soon as the next few posts will detail the entire master closet makeover in full:

1. Wallpaper in master Closet
2. Build a Walk-in Closet Storage System
3. Replace a Doorknob (Tips & Tricks)


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  1. Cindy A

    New to your blog, but I’m really excited to see what the final closet looks like! Love the choice in wall paper.

    1. Rick

      Welcome! Thanks for reading!

  2. Dee

    Can’t wait to see your closet storage system. I need to build one for my small closet and add rods on both sides. After that my next project may be your m-series bed frame. That looks awesome.

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