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You are currently viewing Build a Farmhouse Dining Table: Part 1

Part one of how to build a farmhouse dining table! Today I’ll be joining (7) boards and edge gluing them together to form one big happy wood family (table top).

color_clockTime Required:
blue_toolsTools Required:
3/4″ Pipe Clamps (need at least clamps and one piece of 3/4″ pipe from Home Depot for each clamp)
3/4″ Pipe (at least 48″ long)
Miter Saw
Table Saw/Circular Saw
Wood Glue
Biscuit Joiner & Biscuits (optional)
Power Sander or Sanding Block
Sanding Paper
blue_cartPurchase List:
7 – 5/4″ x 6 x 8′ (Select Pine from Home Depot or lumber yard)
blue_scissorsMaterial Cut List:
Table Top:
7 –5/4″ x 6 x 8′ @ 88″
blue_downloadDownload Plans:
Coming Soon
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  1. Andres

    Hey Rick I like the table project. I personally need one and was thinking about building my own. I was wondering when we will we see part 2?

    1. Rick

      Hi Andres, Part two is cut and ready to go I’m just waiting for some images of the final table in it’s new home. If I can’t get them soon I’ll just post what I have soon!

  2. Lavi

    Is there a part 2?

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