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After Rachel finished up with work for the day, I got a half-hour free from the kiddos to sit down and sketchup the design for my upcoming mid century modern sofa table build. I ordered 22″ hairpin legs from my friends at hairpinlegs.com based out of Columbus. (Well…OK. We’re not actually friends but…we could be…someday…maybe?) Anyway, they did me a solid and one-day shipped the legs out to me. So thanks friends…ly people!

I’ll have the free plans along with the exact material purchase, cutlist, etc. later this week (or early next week). But the general design is based on 1×12’s cut to 58″ long to form a box. I employ the use of what are called butt joints to join the boards. Butt joints are the simplest of joints in woodworking, joining two boards perpendicularly to one another. I have no idea why they used the word butt for this joint, but I do have my theories. For another time, perhaps!

The total height of this mid century modern sofa table will be 30″. Towards the end of the sketchup video you can see me playing with different “drawer” divider placements and even considering shortening the height of the table. I think aesthetically these mid century modern pieces look better when the main box is a little bit shorter, but I’m sort of stuck on this build because of the height of my sofa and hairpin legs.

We’ll see how it turns out when I build it this weekend! Enjoy the video!

Update: Check out how to build your own Mid Century Modern Sofa Table HERE!


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