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Pink walls and Land of Nod

How naive of me to think that I would  make it through life without painting some wall in my house pink. As you know, I have been blessed with two girls (and suspect I will surely get a third, whenever it is that we decide to increase our odds of having a familial care-taker when we’re old, cranky and perhaps creepy). Three is better than two, after all!

Anyway, I’m re-doing the little one’s (poor excuse for a) room and actually putting her older sister in there with her. I think it’ll be cool, them sharing a room for a bit. No, daddy’s not using the other room for a man cave. Don’t be silly. It’s going to be a MAN FORTRESS!

sw-angelicSo looking for inspiration, I stumbled upon this site that does room make-overs…called laybabylay. The author, who appears to be a VERY talented interior designer, wrote about her pink shared girls’ room. It’s such a fun room that it makes me want to be a little girl again. Her post also introduced me to “The Land of Nod”, which is a children’s furniture & decor store owned by Crate and Barrel. I love the whimsical elements in their products. When you stack them up to other retailers whose products scream at you almost offensively, “I’M BRIGHT PINK AND FOR GIRLS. AHH!”, the stuff from Land of Nod seems deliberately playful and fun. Perhaps that’s why it’s so damn expensive?!

I got off track a bit there. Back to pink. I used the same wall color as the blogger above for my girl’s room, called “Angelic” by Sherwin Williams. A slightly subdued, yet sophisticated pink. For the rest of the room, my mother-in-law generously offered to purchase the bedding for our girls’ birthdays, which fall within one month of each other. So we decked them out with some Land of Nod stuff. Check it out.

shared girls room bedding
We picked up comforter and pillow inserts, a duvet cover (with great colors), a super cool ice cream throw pillow, then some sprinkle and typographic sheets to go with everything. Once I get everything upstairs I’m hoping the bright colors bring everything to life!

Next up I’ll be putting on another coat of paint, making ANOTHER no-sew window cushion, making plans for and building a new twin bed frame and picking out hardwood or carpet for the room. What are you up to?


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