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So a desk, DIY chalk paint and a $15 stool walk into a bar…

If you’ve read my posts about DIY chalk paint, you know I’m a fan. Not a fair-weather fan, either. I show up. I’ve taken out a second mortgage on my home for season tickets. I’m the real deal. But like most mediums, be it oil painting or chalk paint, it takes time to learn the ropes and get that medium working for you. In my latest attempt at chalk paint, I think I’m getting there. There being…you know, almost awesome. I don’t want to make things too awesome too soon, though. I mean I’m only 29! I don’t want to peak too early! So I’ll take AA.

OK! Here’s the desk. I can’t tell you how much I both love AND hate this desk! It’s the single favorite thing I’ve built so far. I even made SketchUp plans so you can build it too. But my God! It’s SO UGLY!!! When both of my daughters were born I was like…oh my. Welp, we’ll just make sure they have awesome personalities and they’ll do just fine in this world. But this desk has no personality. It’s a wooden desk. It’s screwed! Literally. So it’s been on my long-list to re-paint this for a long time. And that time is now.

I’ve got this great color- whitewashed oak that I color matched from a Behr swatch. It’s this creamy off-white. Love it. So I’m just going to mix up some calcium carbonate powder, water and paint. Check out my recipe for homemade chalk paint here.

You can brush it on with a foam brush or bristle brush. It matters not. Go light on your first coat. My tendency has always been to try and load up the first coat so that I can get done faster. But a nice even base coat will do wonders for your second coat, where you can be much more liberal. That’s just my experience, but you do you.

I’m really happy with this right now. And I should probably call this done. BUT! I never learn.

So out comes the sand paper.

I just can’t help myself.

I think this looks antiquey. Is that a word? Let’s just go with it. Listen, I’m leaving without you if you can’t get over the fact that it’s not a real word. This is the distressed I was going for the FIRST time around. I think it turned out well for two reasons:
1. There was an old base layer of paint to “reveal” after the distressing and
2. I wasn’t trying too hard today. You have no idea how hard I tried the first time around…like six coats of fail.

I just hit the edges with a low grit paper and some randomized marks on the interior. Bada bing bada boom. I just wrote that. yep.

You can see a hint of its past ugliness, with two fresh layers of whitewashed oak covering up its facelift.

It’s…it’s beautiful. Even without a personality!

I rushed the table and (unfinished) stool up to the master bedroom where I’m trying to put together a little reading nook. Hopefully I can get things clear-coated and decor’d up soon!

Oh and if you’re interested in building your own ugly little desk, check out this post!


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