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Let’s talk about the Master Bedroom

I drove 45 minutes to the Seattle Ikea for a modern Swedish cinnamon bun. But before I could make it to the Bistro I blacked out! The next thing I know I’m stuffing my car’s trunk full of the following: (3) Over-sized picture frames, (2) Wall lamps, (1) Desk lamp, (1) Cool little clock and a couple packs of gold furniture knobs…oh and a stainless-steel kettle.

OR with a cherry drawer face. Hmm…

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If you’ve been following my Instagram, you know I’ve been experimenting with some new floating nightstands. But they aren’t quite ready for prime time so I reverted back to the Hemnes nightstands in the interim. I’m trying to give my wife the classy, finished master bedroom of my dreams. And throughout our housing evolution, I’ve come to the realization that I need to step it up in the decor department. So the first order of business: Wall art.

It’s always so hard for me to find the right art for a space because I’m so picky. I’ve seen too much! This time around I thought photographs would be a good way to go. My original idea was to purchase some wave photography prints taken in Hawaii or a similarly beautiful place, but after painting the room blue I decided to stay away from color. Black and white may really class things up. And I can use all the class I can get! But what subject matter? I started digging through my photo library and stumbled upon these shots from Rachel’s trip abroad:

The Eiffel Tower…

The Arc de Triomphe…

The Gardens of Versailles…

Pretty great shots, huh! Who knew she had such an eye for photography. Hint: NOT ME! Every time I ask her to photograph me for my DIY progress shots, she cuts off my hands, my tape measure, the detail is out of focus or lighting is washed out. Clearly she had her A-game in Paris!

I’m going to rob these pictures of their beautiful colors, edit out some heads and then get to printing…

These off-white frames have a really nice single mat, which will increase the class factor exponentially…or at least marginally. I’ll take marginally.

And here we are all framed up!

Here they are in their new home. I centered the frames between the top of the headboard and ceiling, then dropped them down a few inches. I also spaced the frames evenly from each end of the headboard (left to right). I always try to hit studs or heavy duty wall anchors with my wall art. The twist-N-lock anchors are the absolute easiest anchors I’ve ever used. I have them down to a relative science after using TONS of them for my gallery style frame wall on the 1st floor.

In this particular case there were no studs to be found where I needed them, so anchors away! Here’s a link to build your own platform bed (if you haven’t seen the plans yet), and here’s a link to the headboard build.

I centered the Ikea Ranarp wall/clamp spotlights off the width of my nightstands. They were a simple install using the brackets that were included in the box. But they DID NOT come with anchors, screws or bulbs, so beware!

Next time I’ll delve into how I re-painted my small spaces desk with homemade chalk paint and carved out a little reading nook in the master suite. Come back soon I miss you already!


One stay at home dad (to be) conquers DIY and Diapers

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  1. Amanda

    What color are your walls in your bedroom…I like that color!

    1. Rick

      Hi Amanda! Sorry for the delay. I’m trying to dig up the swatch but can’t seem to find it…we just relocated and I’m not sure which box it’s in! IF/When I find it I’ll be sure to post it!

      1. Cicci

        Me to I LOVE the color blue of the wall I can’t wait for you to give us!!!

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