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DIY No Sew Table Runner

A few years ago if you asked me what a table runner was, I would tell you. I mean…really people? Give me some credit!

BUT! If you asked me why people have table runners, I would probably tell you that I have no idea. I mean what purpose do they really serve, ya know? WELL after building a dining table from scratch, I think I’ve finally become enlightened on the why. Or maybe I’ve just been domesticated.

I felt like my dining table needed a little somethin’ somethin’ and the bowl of fruit just wasn’t cutting it if you know what I mean. So today I decided to make a DIY no sew table runner.

I can’t sew. I made a plushy football in home economics years ago and it wasn’t pretty. It was very lumpy though, so there’s that.  Anyway, after a quick trip to hobby lobby I found this stuff. At that exact moment in time it occurred to me that I possess the power to LAY ONE THING ON TOP OF ANOTHER THING TO CREATE A WHOLE NEW THING! Original? No way! But awesome? You bet your argyle socks it is.

So I’m doing this by feel. No tape measure or yard sticks. 100% winging it.

I’m going to make the teal top burlap a bit shorter.

IMAG1745 There’s this extra burlap string that was used to wrap the rolls. I’m going to chop them up into little 2″ lengths. I wish I cut a few of these a bit longer so they were easier to maneuver and tie. Keep this in mind if you’ve got larger fingers.

So yeah I mean this is pretty ugly, but the good news is it’s on the underside of the runner.

IMAG1748The basic process is what I like to call tuck and tie™. This may remind some of you of the tuck and roll grandma commercial, but that’s only because it also has the word tuck in it. This has nothing to do with that so I’m going to politely ask you to get your head in the game.

We just need to tuck the end of the cut burlap so it won’t fray and disintegrate into a terribly ugly table runner that your mother in law criticizes every thanksgiving because what can’t you afford a real table runner? And why don’t you DIYourself a favor and get a real job and provide for my daughter and granddaughters?!

What I learned after doing the first knot is that you can hide the knots on the inner part of the runner if you come through the front.

I used my scissors to make each pilot hole big enough to easily thread the string through. Next I pushed the string through the folded burlap and TIGHTLY pulled it into a single knot.

IMAG1751 I cut off the excess string.

IMAG1754Tuck and tie™ baby.

IMAG1746The last knot hath been knotted.

IMAG1755I’m pretty proud of this. Probably because I have no idea what I’m doing!

Same deal for the top burlap, people!


I’ll use this excess string to tie…

This time around I made the strips a bit longer for maneuverability’s sake. Maneuverabilities? No clue on this one. For the sake of maneuvering!

And I’m finished! Now you may say to yourself. WOW! That looks downright awful. And ya know what, that’s really mean of you to say. Like…you really cut me deep on this one. But OK even if that were the case, there’s at least two ends to every table…right? I’m going to put these pretty stitches on the FAR end of the table. No one will see a thing!

Now THAT looks nice!

Yeah, I did this side too. Yeah…

But hey. For $15 bucks, this no sew DIY table runner is pretty legit. And I can change out the top piece of burlap with the seasons to match my daily horoscope aura color.


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