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Removing the P.H.O’s Stenciled-on Family Crest

Purchasing a used home is like getting serious with someone who has some serious baggage. Everything is going great until all of a sudden…BOOM! Here comes the baggage, baby. So our WC tile started to stick up and come loose not even a month after moving in. An issue that was supposed to be taken care of as per our inspection. BOOM!

Now I’m not one to whine…at least not all the time…but this home-owner hot potato has got to stop, people! It’s like when selling a home people turn into terrible people. I mean I found NEW tile grout schlopped behind the toilet to cover up the crystal clear evidence of a bigger, wetter problem. Such a shame. I hope those Scrooge McDouches pull a hammy when diving into their vault of gold. All the while my 34-week pregnant wife can’t use the master WC at night for the next month!

Let’s hold hands and digress, as that full project post is for another day…today is about endings. The end of the era of McDouche, I guess. Today we remove their family crest.

For months I’ve been sleeping under what can only be described as tribal male genitalia. There is a clear visual likeness to uh..Jimmy. Now I try to keep it clean here on hnydt, but even momma dukes concurred- remove that thing before it reproduces, she said!

And so it will be done.

This was left in the garage. Maybe if we all hope together, this will be the right stuff. The power of hope, never underestimate!

Oh no. This looks awful.

OK a little umph and we’re getting somewhere.

Thank the lord!

So the next question becomes…will it blend?!

Let’s be honest. Even if it doesn’t blend-in perfectly…anything is better than waking up in the middle of the night, looking up and seeing this thing. Right?

The thing is dead! Long live the…well nevermind that doesn’t exactly work, does it?

I’ll sleep a little easier tonight though. And that works!


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  1. countrydesignhome

    5 months-seriously!!?!?! That would have been gone the first hour- creepy!! At least they had the decency to leave the old paint…

    1. Rick

      Haha! It became somewhat of a running joke in the house. Whenever Rach would annoy me I’d tell her how I misplaced the paint…how unfortunate! But yeah, pretty high up there on the creepy scale!

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