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I LOVE Your Accent…

I’ve had this thing for red accent walls since our 2nd home (or around 32 dog years) for all my dawgs out there. I’ve painted one, no TWO walls red in my life. And then for no reason at all…did nothing with them! Some would actually applaud my inaction, because I spent so much darn time painting them red!

Come to think of it, there probably was a reason I did nothing.

I had no plan!

This is a curved wall that flows from our kitchen, family room and into the dining/living room. It’s really different, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. But it’s really cool, too.

Now as I suspect, most people would probably just treat this as another wall and give it the same ho-hum treatment as other walls. But I say what a wasted opportunity! It’s a game-changer, this wall! It’s got the potential to add some UMPH! and perhaps one other onomatopoeia! No more than two onomatopoeias though, we don’t want this getting out of hand. It’s a slippery slope.

Here’s my accent color: Olympic’s Teaberry Blossom. It’s interesting how it looks in different light. I’m holding the swatch up to my gray wall along with some of the decor I went over in last week’s Curtains, rugs and pillows…oh my! post. I have to laugh at how off the rug color is, but at least it’s in the red family…even if it’s a distant 2nd cousin’s, son’s ex-husband’s hampster.

Here’s a closeup of the curtains, the reds should play nicely with the accent wall. Otherwise, TIMEOUT!

I think it looks better than the swatch. But all parents say that about their paint color children, don’t they? Love is a funny thing.

I did my usual prep work and began the cutting-in process. Fun, fun!

“Roller in the Setting Sun” • 500×358 px • Camera Phone • 2014
Why go to a museum when you have hnydt.co?

I had a watching paint dry joke, but I don’t want to use up all my good stuff on one wall.

No inaction this time around folks. This accent wall is going to sport a gallery style collection of photo frames. I hit up the clearance aisle at Target and Pier 1 and scored a diverse bunch of frames on the cheap! Every time I go out, I’m going to grab a few more. Slow and steady fills the wall up!

I opted to keep all of the outer-most frames on the same line 3-1/2″ from the edge of the wall. By creating this clean visual line, not only does it contrast nicely with the staggered inner frames, but it will bring just enough order to the madness.

On the heavier frames I’m going to use wall anchors.

While the lighter guys I have these frame hooks.

Using my advanced degree in the art of spacial relationships, I haphazardly “organize” the frames on the red accent wall and see what sticks. I’ll keep you posted on this as I get more frames and replace the generic picture models (and sideways pictures) with generic photos of me and the fam. I’m hoping I can find a REALLY gaudy antique-y gold frame. It just has to happen.


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  1. Very nice! How many coats of red did it take to cover the wall? Last time I painted the dining room red it took four coats!

    1. Rick

      It took two VERY generous coats. I was really surprised since the gray only needed one! I think I’d rather hire Sears than paint four coats! haha

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