Due to the lack of airflow in our family room, I figured a screen door for the back doors would be just the ticket. The problem is…my back doors are French!

So away we went in search for a screen door. As it turns out, french doors are needy! Sliding and hinged screens will not work. That leaves retractable doors…something I’m pretty sure I saw on an infomercial about 10 years ago at 2AM.

I grabbed this Larson E200 retractable screen door off of Amazon for much less than what it was listed at at Lowes. It arrived a few days early and I figured…Thursday nights are perfect for installing screen doors!

Plus all I need is a screwdriver, tape measure, perhaps a hand saw? And a drill.

Now as a general rule of thumb, I don’t start new projects at 9PM. But the weather has been beautiful lately and I really wanted to catch that sweet sound breeze in the morning…so I dove right in. Well, it was more of a cannonball really…

The install as a whole wasn’t terrible. It’s pretty straight forward. You choose your mounting method: Flush or recessed. Install the corresponding hardware for your mounting method, snap the sides in, secure the top and bottom track, snap the second side in…done!

The problem with this Larson screen door is that all door frames aren’t created the same. As a result, there has to be some coloring outside the lines. And while I’m fine with that (I did it my whole childhood), the directions don’t account for any problems that may arise. So when problems arose…expletives were born!

My first issue was the end caps made just enough of a gap for the clips to not reach the side units. They should SNAP! in, but the tops just wouldn’t go. You can see where the brackets should be! Please note that this has nothing to do with my door frame being wonky…this just plain old wasn’t right!

So I moved them waaaay down to where the end cap had no effect on the spacing.

The second issue was…you need a power saw to cut through this. I have a hand saw. I took it out. I looked at it. And I put it back. The material used for the screen guides is strong, which is good, but not so good when it comes to cutting with a hand saw. Luckily I had unpacked my miter saw this weekend, so I chopped it down just fine. I just didn’t want to use the darn thing at 10pm!

The third thing is…well, I screwed up the top. I cut 5″ off the smallest door opening measurement, as stated in the directions…but that turns out to not be correct? Or was it me? It’s a mystery. Luckily the curtains will cover this! And if they don’t…WELL…I would probably grab a piece of sheet metal from Home Depot or Lowes, spray paint it white and then cut and shape it to mask the gap. This is all theoretical, of course. I have no idea how to do any of that!

All in all, I love the Larson retractable screen door. It’s really, really cool. But not the most straight forward install in the world.

Moving right along then. So, my Margaritte Drapes that I mentioned the other day arrived the next mid-morning. Mid-morning is when you eat brunch. I quickly took them out and got to work.

My initial plan was to have them looped through the slot provided, as pictured.

But as you can see, they look like a kid who outgrew his school pants! Puberty, I swear.

So I pulled a DIY audible and cleaned off these little guys that were included with the home purchase!

Let’s see how much of the gap they’re going to fill…3-1/2″ to the center line! PERFECTTTT!

I think we have a winner. Well, many winners. Like how little league gives trophies to EVERYONE! Yes, even you’re a winner, go go squeeze cap.

The drapes came with these little metal hooks which I slid in…like so!

Times ten per drape…


This shot really illustrates the difference in length…

And viola! These look so awesome.

And they slide like butta! Later this week I’m going to install some hold-backs. So holla back! (I’m sorry…I had to.)


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