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Interior design is a funny thing. It’s SO subjective. So when I sat down to get the kitchen and family room stylistically sorted out, I decided to just go for it and hope for the best! I’ve got a logical and (sometimes) rational explanation for why I’m putting a and b together…but ultimately…it’s subjective…AND, I have no idea what I’m doing. I call it my, “License to make a mess of things” (and I’m not afraid to use it). Anyway, keep that in mind if you’re too afraid to take a leap when getting decor for your room redesign. I mean the worst thing you can do is ruin everything!

Here we have Pottery Barn’s Margaritte Drapes. The existing drapes were a dark red, some may call it burgundy. They made the space feel smaller when paired with the dark red paint in the kitchen. After lightening up the walls and grabbing these dark green drapes from Overstock.com, I wanted curtains that would tie in well stylistically to the kitchen, hit the color scheme I was working with and finally provide a more airy theme. These should do the trick, though luck hasn’t been with me the past month or so. To continue with that trend, these went on sale not four days after I purchased them. How great!

Speaking of unlucky, if you read my previous post you’ll know that this rug from Overstock.com was marketed as being MUCH brighter and more saturated. The word much doesn’t really sum it up, tbh. In any case, I generally don’t return things online unless they’re damaged or absolutely out of control not working. So I’ll stick to the positives. It’s got a very nice classic pattern. It’s got great table manners. It has the colors I need, albeit much more subdued. It pulls your eye into it, adding an interesting visual element to the space.

When looking out from the kitchen, I want the viewer’s eye to be hit with pattern & color, artwork, negative space, artwork, pattern, then color again. These should at least check off the “pattern” box. Right?

Last spring I picked up these great pillows from Pier 1 for the great room. These are the colors my fraudulent throw rug sported! They transform this beige couch into a beige couch with bright throw pillows! AMAZING!

These lamps and shades were picked up almost five years ago in our FIRST house on Madison Ave. I kept them in our “formal” room (the room no one ever enters) at our last house. They’ll fit right in here, as they tie in with the antique bronze finishes, along with the floral pattern found on the curtains and decorative accents of the cabinets.

If I were to tell you we haven’t bought dining chairs since 2009, would you believe me? Wait, why wouldn’t you believe me?! Have we really grown that far apart, you and I? We had bar style stools and a small square table for almost FIVE YEARS! I sold that set to some nice folks in Ohio before we headed west in the ol’ wagon. After being chair-less for a week, I grabbed two counterstools from Pier 1 to fill the void. They feel solidly built and have a nice green color with the wood tone to match my…

End tables! These were from our first house as well. I really love this set. I loved them so much, in fact, that I stole them from my mother. Thanks mom for doing the right thing!

Here’s a decorative wine rack from the last pad. It ties in perfectly with the new kitchen and I found a great spot for it. I myself don’t drink wine, but maybe I can store my wood glue here?

This clock was from a Walmart-esque “super-center” in Ohio. It was like…20 bucks? I think we can all agree that it looks much nicer than that though! This sits right above our fireplace and has a bronze finish to boot. Below are some flowers I snipped from the front yard. I’m such a west coast botanist. They died the next day.

Let’s give them a moment of silence.


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