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I do my living in the family room

I recently determined that the name of the current color in the family room is, “THE THING”. Not Steven King’s thing, but the Fantastic 4 rock monster thing. That guy. The wall’s lumpy bumpy texture only amplifies the thing effect. Now I have nothing against rock monsters. I just don’t want them in the room I do my living in-the family room!

So like last week’s kitchen paint-over, I laid down the prep work and got busy painting.

This room wasn’t as exhausting since it’s pretty much just a square. Not too many tight places. No skylights. And the best part-it only needed one coat!

Not everything was gravy, though. After cutting in, I noticed something was off about the paint. As it turns out, my friends at Lowes failed to match the paint color correctly. I walked in with the color code AND a sample jar of my color-Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. But I’m partly to blame and here’s why…I ASSUMED they would match my color and didn’t check before leaving the store. We all know what happens when you assume things.

Luckily it wasn’t a drastic difference-just a shade darker. And lucky there wasn’t a strong color presence either-as in no blue/purple/green tints. Just one shade darker than moonshine. I can live with this.

During my paint rolling sesh, I heard a knock at the door. Who could it be? I have no friends! I have no family! (out here) HMM…

Curtains! I contemporary and modern styles with a touch of woodsy man lumberjack stuff…

…But I’ll be the first one to say that this kitchen is MUCH more classy than I am. But rather than try to make the kitchen into something it’s not (ahem…ladies), I wanted to embrace and emphasize it’s strong points by picking out complimentary window treatments and decor. How so? Well, through colors, patterns and style.

This kitchen has green and a rusty red tiles. The cabinets have these cool accents and trim.

I found faux silk weighted curtains from overstock and man do they class the place up. After I hung them I had to change into a nicer outfit! I could feel them silently ridiculing me with their dashing green that reflects ever so slightly in the light. I didn’t take it to heart, though, I mean they aren’t even real silk.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.57.24 AM
My grand idea was to tie the family room into the kitchen through colors, but utilize a more bright and airy theme. I found this rug from overstock and was like…wow. This hits all of my colors, with a dash of class. Just what I need! After reading reviews I pulled the trigger, only to find that…

Yeah…talk about drastically DULL! All of the bright colors pictured above were like…not. But, even though the saturation isn’t there, the colors are.

So it’s up to these curtains (for my french doors) to pull this rag-tag group of colors and patterns together. I know they can do it. I believe!



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