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Just moved into my new house, now what?

This isn’t my first time at the move-in rodeo. I mean at this point we’ve moved so much over the last five years that I have to use a GPS to get to my bathroom. A sad admission. I digress…

There are a couple things that I pretty much ALWAYS do when moving into a new house. As in…as soon as I get the keys, I do these:

Change the toilet seats, for the love of everything that is clean and sanitary!

We always do it. I grab the quiet close ones from one of my local big box hardware stores. A word of caution! Once you get the quiet close ones, you WILL slam all of your friends and family toilet seats. And they WILL look at you like you’re an animal after exiting their restroom.

Anyway, there’s no amount of cleaning that will clean UNDER the existing toilet seat. This isn’t for the faint of heart. On the plus side, you can really deep clean a toilet once the seat is off, so there ya go!

Replace light bulbs

This is more of a personal pet-peeve I GUESS, but if there’s more than 2 bulbs out in a room…I’ve got to replace em’.

This time around I grabbed some LEDs from Costco (last time I picked of CFLs). I read that if you want to make sure you’re getting a decent LED bulb, but don’t want to pay the Philips price, make sure the bulbs are Energystar certified.

Oh…make sure they’re the same size as your old ones!

Replace the shower head

You’re like whaaa? WHY! Well look at this thing! That’s the thing cleaning you!

Obviously if you find the existing shower head in a decent state of cleanliness and condition, you should keep it. But for $50 bucks I grabbed this. It inspires me to take a shower.

Just unscrew the existing head, clean the threads off…

…(Don’t forget the thread seal tape)

…and Voila!

Change the HVAC filter

Locate and REPLACE the HVAC filter (the existing filter has the dimensions on the outside of the filter). Previous homeowners aren’t usually concerned about replacing things after going through the ol’ show and sell process. But your lungs are!

Replace the filthy fridge filter!

Water makes up 90% of your body, man! Respect the filtration! I mean who knows how long that filter has been filtering!

Fill any gaps

Seeing daylight in parts of your house that shouldn’t be letting the light in climbs quickly to the top of my honey-do-this-list. Maybe not an absolutely critical thing, but definitely a let’s knock this out in the first two weeks thing.

Here my door threshold was sporting an unhealthy gap. So I went out and grabbed a replacement gasket. I had never done this before, but it literally just slides in.

Yank out the existing gasket with some pliers. Next Slide in the new guy. I start at the bottom and make my way up.

This was in pretty bad shape!

Trim the excess material at the top with some scissors.

Now close the door and see if things are tight.

In my case I wanted to notch out the gasket to make sure there are zero gaps on both the top and bottom.  I used my swiss army knife, but any utility knife will do.

Lastly I threw a little gorilla glue on the top and bottom strips, just so that the material wouldn’t slide in and out when the door opens. Not too shabby, eh?

What else? Well, I know a lot of people re-key or change the locks. The first thing my buddies do is wall mount their TVs and setup their gaming systems.

What’s the first thing that you do when moving into your new pad?


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