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If you want something done right…

The problem with always doing things yourself is knowing how to do things. So when you pay to have a company…lets call them Sears in this instance, come in and install something like…I dunno, a microwave, not only do you know when something is being done incorrectly, but you can also tell when an individual is taking their time to do things right.

It’s painful to watch and admittedly I should have spoken up sooner…like when said individual had the microwave hanging from the bracket in one arm, and started tearing up my cabinets with a drill in the the other arm. Holes were made, oh yes. As well as a large pile of debris that ended up on the top of my microwave and gas range.

“Hey man don’t you think that should be cleaned up? …Being combustible material and all?” I asked.

“Naw man, that doesn’t get hot up there,” replied the cringe-maker.

I cringed. He’s good.

So it’s no real surprise when the cringe-maker stripped out the 4th and final bolt holding in my new microwave. He said he couldn’t find the right drill bit when he was talking to himself during the install. He told him it wasn’t the right bit. He should have known! And it’s no surprise that the bracket holding at least some of the weight from the microwave was only secured with (2) 1″ drywall screws…that weren’t in studs. That explains why the unit seemed to sag to the left, even though I watched the cringe-maker use a level before installing the bracket. Perhaps it was to confirm that he would not, in fact, be hanging my new microwave level. A not-level, as it were.

Anyway, now it’s my problem (wasn’t it always?). The back-up crew who came to install the second new microwave today (since the first one was cringe “defective”) informed me they could not install the microwave due to the environmental circumstances which are beyond their scope. It’s all understandable to a degree. There’s tiles in the way prohibiting them from getting a proper screw into a stud to secure the bracket. But something being understandable doesn’t always make it right, since…you know…I paid Sears money to get my microwave installed. It’s not like they walked into an ambush…don’t most kitchens have back-splashes and tile-work? If your accountant couldn’t file your taxes because you moved out of state halfway through the year, well, he or she probably wasn’t very interested in working with you in the first place. And that’s exactly how I would describe my experience with Sears.

I probably wouldn’t have written this if Sears hadn’t…

– Showed up without the correct water/drain hookups for my washer/dryer at our previous house. Making me go out and purchase and install them on my own. Fool me once…

– Left the old gas range we replaced in my garage when I paid for their haul away service. Sneaky sneaky.

– Put me on hold for an hour to talk to speak with a “manager” to expedite the haul away service they failed to do in the first place. They were going to make me wait 2-1/2 weeks.

– Sent the cringe-maker who hack-jobbed my microwave installation and made me sit through the most uncomfortable dishwasher install in history.

– Have 4 different 1-800 numbers, all of which are outsourced, who direct you to the next 1-800, who direct you to the next 1-800…and so one.

– Sent the replacement crew installers, who cannot do the one thing they wake up every morning to do. Install appliances.

I’m supposed to be getting an install team out early next week, but I won’t be counting on it. I will however be reading up how to install a microwave this weekend…though I’m fairly certain I probably already know how to just from observing the Sears crew and learning what NOT to do.

I know, I know. Cry me a river, Rick.



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