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How to add Curb Appeal to your Home: My Outdoor Extravaganza

Okay, maybe that’s a little intense, but there are some “easy” ways to help add curb appeal to your home that won’t break the bank (especially if you’ve got super-cool neighbors to “lend a hand”). This article will outline the two ways in which I spent the last weekend working to add curb appeal to my home: Power washing and Trimming Bushes.

Power Washing to add Curb Appeal

Story time! Last week my neighbor offered to let me borrow his extension ladder and power washer to take care of the green mossy stuff that was accumulating on the shady side of my house. That’s right! My house has a shady side! He even offered to let me use his bottle of cleaning product…alright, alright I can take a hint man! So we set the date for cleansing on early Saturday morning. And what a cleansing it was.

That morning I made a Home Depot run for some safety goggles…not knowing what I was getting into. Once the equipment was setup, it was clear the power washer wouldn’t reach to the top of the house. So up the extension ladder I went…with goggles on. What happens next would be best described as a frenetic…cluster-what!


My Strategy: WWRD? (What Would Rambo Do?)

The initial spray of soapy goodness hits the siding and falls right down on me…my vision is gone! I should’ve seen this coming…since ya know…gravity and all. But I can’t see a thing. The goggles are worthless. So rather than a clinical left to right application with the power washer, it’s SPRAY AND PRAY BABY. My poor neighbor. “You missed a spot!” “You’re using too much, there won’t be enough for the rest of the siding!” “You’ve already hit that spot!” I was taking no prisoners, not today.

“Okay, just come down!” After being soaked 10+ feet up an aluminum ladder, vision-less, with one hand on the power washer and the other holding on for dear life, I had to collect myself. So my neighbor took over…and the rest was history! My power washing days were over.

Here’s a close-up I took prior to my soaking. The product we used takes a few rainfalls for the product to work to it’s fullest potential and take the green off. I’ll post after photos as soon as that happens.

Trimming Bushes to add Curb Appeal

I know nothing about trees, bushes or when they are to be pruned or trimmed. One of the hardest things about maintaining a property is the not knowing. After asking around and reading up on the proper time and methods of outdoor plant-care, I’m WAY LATE!

Here’s the thing…the bushes just keep on growing! So for the past month I’m thinking…I know I need to trim these, but I don’t want to keep them from flowering next year…or kill them.

So I wait, and wait. It finally came to the point where enough was enough, I noticed the same species bush on a neighbors lot that grew all the way to their 1st level roof, and my bushes were well on their way. So after my soapy power-washing baptism, I showered and got out my pruners.

It’s game time, bushes!

Now look, I’ll be the first to tell you they don’t look the greatest and I still have some work to do on that middle pine bush, but the house in general looks a whole heck of a lot better with half of those bushes chopped off! I started from right to left, so you can see my trimming got a little better as the day went on…hahah. Better luck next time, I guess!


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