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Organizing a MESSY Garage

I’m not a master of organization by any means of the imagination, but there are a few keys to organizing a messy garage to keep in mind…

Organizing a MESSY Garage

1. Don’t waste space!

I’m not the tallest guy around, but this table was built for a giant. I can’t find anything functional to do with it, as it comes up to my collar bone. Plus it’s taking up a ton of space. SO! It’s gotta go!

Top plywood removed…

Massive pressure-treated 4×4 frame with heavy duty hardware. This is a frankentable!

And now it’s gone!

Well…not really. The trash men are going to LOVE me for this.

All the hardware. Now that that table is out of the way, I’ve got a huge amount of space to put all of my good lumber for woodworking.

2. Add Storage Units and Shelving

The storage unit I had in my previous garage. I purchased this thing at a sale price and it’s proven to be priceless. It’s sturdy and will be perfect for all of my painting gear.

It’s got these plywood boards…

I had some scrap hickory lying around, so I figured I’d spice things up a bit. Why not!

I made a hickory gradient!

I’ve been telling Rachel for months that there was order to the madness. I was lying!

Nothing complicated, but at least I can find things now!

Winter/work boots and paint paint paint.

I hung up this little wood cubby system for my woodworking stuff. I also used these existing cabinets to store all of my tools and hardware.

3. Utilize Wall Space and Ceiling Space

I used a hose organizer my dad gave me a while back to hold this extension cord. Being creative!

Utilizing shelves the previous homeowner blessed me with. He could probably reach this top shelf without a ladder, judging from the height of his frankentable! I used a combination of screws to hang the smaller items (window scrapers, bike pump, swiffers, grass bag) and heavy duty wall hooks for my bike and ladder. Getting this stuff off the ground saved me so much square footage in my two car garage.

4. Add a Personal Touch

My brother in law gave me this about 5 years ago, I finally found a spot for it! If you’ve got a collection of license plates or something that doesn’t work in other parts of the house, use them in the garage! It’ll make the space feel much more homey, homey!


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