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Chalk Paint is expensive! But if you’re willing to get your hands dirty you won’t have to break the bank. Check out this step-by-step guide to whip up some DIY Chalk Paint (for cheap, yo)!

DIY Chalk Paint

Supplies Needed:
• Empty Containers with lids (I’m a peanut butter junkie)
• Acrylic Craft Paint
Calcium Carbonate Powder
• 1 Tablespoon Measuring Cup
• Water

DIY Chalk Paint
Everything you need for DIY Chalk Paint can be had for under $20 bucks! (Peanut butter cost not included). This calcium carbonate was considerably cheaper than what found at my local health food store.

Craft Paint
Step 1: Put (1) cup (8fl oz) of craft paint into your container.

Calcium Carbonate
Step 2: Scoop (2) Tablespoons of Calcium Carbonate into the container.

Step 3: Add (1) Tablespoon of water.

Step 4: Mix it up thoroughly!

DIY Chalk Paint
And Boom! You just created DIY Chalk paint, you creative creator, you! Now find something to paint!

Before DIY Chalk Paint
This is the console table I’m building (and will be posting more of shortly).

After DIY Chalk Paint
Here’s it is with the chalk paint!

Why wouldn’t I just use acrylic or latex paint?
Calcium Carbonate has a bonding agent that helps the paint latch onto the piece you’re painting better. In fact, one of the major benefits of using chalk paint is that you don’t have to remove previous finishes in order for the paint to take. This is especially useful for antique, vintage or any piece furniture with preexisting finishes. Once your DIY Chalk paint dries, you’ll notice that the finish is much less rubbery than latex and it distresses much nicer.

How can I distress my DIY Chalk Paint?
Use a low-grit sand paper (80-100 grit) and distress the edges of your piece where it would naturally get some wear and tear. For a totally distressed look, start with the edges and make your way into the heart of the piece. Keep it random!

What can I use to seal or finish my piece of furniture after applying DIY Chalk paint?
For a antique or vintage look:
SC Johnson Paste Wax
For everything else:
Minwax Satin Polycrylic

For my console table, I used the paste wax. I’ll be going more into detail on that process in my next post.

Is it safe for kids?
Yes. But let the wax/poly cure for a few weeks.

Here’s a preview of the console table sporting (half a coat) of my DIY Chalk Paint.


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  1. kaymay

    how many coats of chalk paint do you normally use?

    1. Rick

      Hi Kaymay- I usually use (2) coats for a completely finished look (no distressing). I apply the first coat lightly and am much more liberal applying the paint during the 2nd coat.

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