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Making a new house a home

The initial surge of excitement after getting the keys to a new pad is amazing, but all good things come to an end…My excitement ended right around the time I realized:

A. This whole house needs furnishing and
B. We don’t have any toilet paper

Here’s where I started in order to get this new house feeling like home…

Keep the room you’re working on (or plan to work on first) clear of furniture and other items…

I had the movers redirect all of our master bedroom furniture to one of the guest rooms so that I could get things started in there right away. The benefit of not having any furniture to have to move around while painting, installing a new floor and hanging window treatments speaks for itself. The only downside is that we’re sleeping in a guest room that’s way down the hall and away from the master bath.

Do yourself a favor and grab and hang windows treatments asap…

I took my time with getting the blinds and curtains hung, which was a mistake. At night anyone can see in and you can barely see out, which isn’t the best feeling. It probably goes without saying, but by getting at least temporary window treatments up, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable and much more at home.

Focus on one room at a time…

I want to do everything all at once. A curse I was born with. This makes finishing things in reasonable amount of time difficult! But this time around I set aside my bad habits (for the most part) and focused on a room at a time. I’ve managed about one room a week with a bunch of misc. around the house stuff when I wanted a side project. This gave order to the madness and kept the majority of the house clean to boot!


The first few days and nights we only had bare essentials in the fridge and with all the work going on around the house (and with the baby), I lost a few pounds. While I don’t remember being starving, the feeling of having a fully stocked cupboard and refrigerator is unparalleled.

Spend some family time, take the night off…

Since I’ve got baby during the day, most of the house projects take place after the sun sets. Taking a night off in one of the more finished rooms of the house can be just what the doctor ordered after an exhausting relocation/move.


One stay at home dad (to be) conquers DIY and Diapers

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