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Build a Changing Table

Well, it’s been 3 years since the birth of my daughter and I decided to upload some plans for this changing table. Go here to see the updated project plans for the purchase list, material cost, cut sizes and assembly instructions. Then flip back to here to see how I built mine!

We’re in the home stretch here at 35 weeks! The last major project on my honey-do-this-list is the changing table.  Read below to see how I designed and built a custom changing table.

Once I arrived at a design I was happy with, I made some calculations and purchased about $50 worth of 2×6’s.

The changing pad we have is 16″ wide, so I designed the table to be 16-1/2″ wide, which equaled 3 2×6’s (the true size of a 2×6 is actually 1.5×5.5″). I connected the three boards with my kreg jig and 2-1/2″ screws.

I found discolored wood (which actually has a really nice blue hue) to get a reclaimed look.

I set the first shelf 4″ up from the bottom.

Again, using my kreg jig to attach the bottom shelf.

Once I attached the first leg to the bottom shelf, I flipped the table on its side (while using scrap as support) to attach the second leg.

So far so good.

There will be four little cubby cubes on the bottom shelf. They each measure 9×11-1/8″.

Another look…

Before securing the cubbies, I attached the top of the table with the kreg jig.

Here’s an inside look of how I attached the top of the table. Two screws per board.

Here’s a side look. I’m about to attach the second shelf and cubby dividers.

I used wood filler to plug the screw holes.

Looks good!

We have these nice little fabric cubes that go into each cubby.

They slide in and out nicely.

It’s dark out and I’ve been working since noon…time to call it a night. Check back soon!

After I cleaned up the garage I proceeded to sand down the changing table.

Once again I’ve been working for most of the day and it’s getting dark out. Tomorrow I’m going to add a couple of things to the changing table. Stay tuned!

Day 3…Today I added a new shelf and sanded down a few rough spots.

I added two shelves! One is going to have a door, too! Everyone loves doors, right?!

I wanted to add an asymmetrical element to the piece.

Alright…I spent the better part of the week trying to get the paint/staining on this table the way I envisioned it. Buckle up, right now I’m flying by the seat of my pants….

First I mixed white acrylic with water and applied a whitewash to the changing table.

Looks good!

Next I put a nice light blue over top. A bluewash, if you will.

I sanded the down random spots with my orbital sander.


Next I wiped dark walnut stain over top.

Not in love with this. And by that I mean I HATE IT.

It turned the blue to a dark teal. I don’t know what I was expecting. Basic color theory: Brown+Light Blue= DUH!

So now I’m winging it. I painted a little thicker coat of white over top.

I needed to clear my head. So I jumped onto the door. I used my steel wool stain on these scrap pieces of wood…

And cut them into this cool thing. I’m really technical!

I cut a little sliver of wood to fill the gap.

I’m stealing these hinges from the ikea nightstand I repurposed.

Now I’m digging it. I sanded down the 2nd coat of white, rubbed my steel wool stain over top, added blue, distressed with 80grit sandpaper and finally touched up the steel wool stain again. Let me just be clear: There was NO PLAN! But I think I found a process to get the look I want. At long last.

Someone asked me about the process of distressing wood. The best advice I can give is to experiment and live by the words of voltaire: perfect is the enemy of the good. my illustration professor said that one day and I’ve stolen it ever since.

Top view!

Here’s the door.

Back of the door with the special 1″ speedbor bit.

Inserting the hinge into the hole while marking out/pre-drilling the screws that will secure the hinge.

There we go.

Here she is with 3 coats of satin clearcoat!

Close-up of the door.

Now I’m going to carry this thing up the stairs. It’s extremely heavy since it’s all 2×6’s.

I was flipping tractor tires at the gym yesterday, and that was the form I used to lift this, too. Not even kidding!

While I was carrying it up the stairs Rachel was decorating it with all of Madeline’s STUFF. She just couldn’t hold herself back!

There we go! What do you think? I think I need some water!


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  1. Laurie

    It will be so great when your daughter gets older and realizes her Daddy made it just for her!! 🙂

  2. Sylvie

    So pretty! Where do you buy your wood? It looks so nice…

    1. Rick

      Thank you Sylvie! These 2×6’s were purchased from Menards in the Chicago suburbs (similar to a home depot or lowes). I was digging around and found pieces with that really cool blue hue and took them all! haha!

  3. Gary

    What’s the size of the changing table? Look like 36hx48w x16d

  4. Manda

    How much weight do you think this could hold?

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