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Nursery Wall Design

Rachel woke up today with an idea. After searching pinterest for nursery wall ideas, she came up with something of her own…

Off to Michaels Arts and Crafts we went, in search of little baby animals and the letter ‘M’. The M’s at Michaels were atrocious. Fonts I would never use on work for my worst enemy. Rachel was very upset. I’m pretty harsh when it comes to bad fonts. The designer in me won’t allow it. So after striking out at Michaels, I had an idea: Hobby Lobby. I’ve never been to the place but heard all good things. They did not disappoint. We found this nice serif M…

M is for Much happier now!

This M saved my butt from a very upset pregnant woman.

Enter the tiny wooden animals.

We want the M to be white. And since this is Rachel’s project…she can do the work! 80grit sand paper to get the texture off! Make it snappy!

I have no idea what material this thing is made out of, but it takes to sanding very well.

Vacuuming off the dust.

Using a no-VOC flat white paint by Olympic. The same stuff I used on my floating shelves.

Rachel gets going on the painting.

She missed a spot!

Making sure to get all the gold covered.

Lightly sanding the rough spots with 220grit paper. Wait a second…this isn’t even my project!!! Get back to work!

Rach applies the 2nd coat. Lookin’ good! After this we put on a light 3rd coat and 2 coats of clearcoat. I’m done with coats.

Rachel laid out a circle design on the floor.

We’re using removable double-sided mounting squares on the back of the animals. I mounted the M with screws and anchors.

The tape measure is our guide to get the circle as even as possible. I’m going about 6″ off the M and eyeing up the rest.

And there’s the final circle! What do you think? I’ve got to give Rach a lot of credit, she did a great job! I love it! The crab is my favorite.

Once we get the crib, it’s going to go directly under this design!


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  1. Mom

    I love it! I can’t wait to see it when the crib comes in 🙂

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