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You are currently viewing Operation Wasian

We told the family the ultrasound was at 23 weeks (next week), but secretly we’ve been plotting away at a super top secret plan!

The ultrasound was yesterday! That’s right! You’ve been bamboozled! We had a cake made at a bakery down the street from my parent’s house. When cut open it reveals pink icing (girl) or blue icing (not a girl…duh).

So today operation wasian was a go! Our undercover ninja agent (my baby sis) picked up the asset (cake) at 1200 (12PM) and took it to the rendezvous point (mom & dad’s house). The family was meeting today at 1300 for an early mothers day. When they were least expecting it, we facetime’d them for the surprise reveal!

Yep, It’s a GIRL!



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