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Brightening up the Bedroom

We never did much with the master bedroom, so with a baby on the way there’s no better time than now. And because we’re short on bedrooms, we’re putting the crib and changing table in ours.

We switched over to Olympic Premium Low Odor Zero-VOC paint…what a mouthful.

Rachel picked out B53-2 “Smooth Sailing”.

There seems to be some talk that blue can’t be used for a girls room (We won’t find out the sex of the baby until next month). Anyway, I’m fairly sure babies don’t have a preference on these sorts of things.

I got away with not doing any work in here for 2 years…and it shows!


There used to be a 24″ LCD TV here. We opted to move it to the loft because we needed binoculars to see what was happening from the bed. It was pretty funny.  I used cord channel as I did when I hid the cable modem & cords…and as it turns out, the adhesive doesn’t come off without bringing the drywall with it! I sanded down the rough edges and prepped it for spackle.


And now…the blue!

The blue adds new energy to the space.

I had to spackle some dings and marks…but the repaired drywall covered up nicely.


One stay at home dad (to be) conquers DIY and Diapers

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