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We just got Eddie Bauer’d

After some time off for Rachel’s 26th birthday, Easter and visits from family, I’m back at the ol’ hdt list this week!

Since we last shared a moment, I’ve re-arranged my workshop (garage with a few extension cords) and installed a premium dust-collection system (old curtain draped over shelving unit). While we aren’t in the city proper, the wind out here is ridiculous. Today we’re reporting up to 40 mph gusts and that’s pretty mild compared to a few recent storm systems that passed through. What does this have to do with the workshop? All of the sawdust blows back into the garage, covering EVERYTHING!

Anyway, here’s a picture of air-toast!

More exciting than those floppy ears, was a Friday-afternoon surprise from a close family friend. They sent over just about every major baby product in our registry. What’s more, is that most of it is much nicer than the stuff we picked out! We can’t thank you guys enough! Rachel sat staring at the boxes for what seemed to have been hours.

This Eddie Bauer Baby stuff is classy!

Baby gonna ride in style, top down, playa detroit what

Humidifier, digital monitor and healthcare kit!

Excuse the tail…

Now all I have to do is read all of the assembly & instruction manuals…oh boy!


One stay at home dad (to be) conquers DIY and Diapers

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