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You are currently viewing Repurpose an Ikea Nightstand

Over the years we’ve collected furniture. Not as a hobby or anything, just out of necessity. So this is a piece from my old bedroom set that was in Rachel’s office taking up space. I was thinking of ways to turn this into something a little bit more useful. Hmm…

A place to put some paperwork and other odds and ends, mayhaps? A file-cabinet-type-thingy you say?

Why not!

So here we go…

The great disassemble. Being careful to keep all the hardware somewhere safe.

Ikea hemnes collection. Solid wood.

In pieces on the table.

After I sanded it down with 80grit paper.

Here’s a closer look at the lovely sand job.


After staining, to keep things consistent with the desks I just refinished.

A closer look.

The drawer was much darker for some reason…Looks cool though.

Don’t you think?

OH…did i mention WHEELS?! She can slide it out to put her coffee or tea up there in the morning. Or love letters to me.

Marking out where I want the wheels to be placed.

Pre-drilling the holes, careful not to go through!



Stay tuned for an in-office shot!


One stay at home dad (to be) conquers DIY and Diapers

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