Making a new house a home

The initial surge of excitement after getting the keys to a new pad is amazing, but all good things come to an end…My excitement ended right around the time I realized: A. This whole house needs furnishing and B. We don’t have any toilet paper Here’s where I started in order to get this new house feeling like home… [...]

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Diaper Bag for Dads

You know what’s hard to find? A simple diaper bag for dads. But you know what I figured out? Diaper bags can be any bag! Just add diapers! And bottles…and wipes…and…well, check out what I picked up after the jump! […]

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How to sell a house with a newborn baby

This is our second sale in two years and although the homes are hundreds of miles apart, a few things are exactly the same…mainly this: Selling a home in the current market is hard. Add a newborn baby to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for hair-loss. Throw in your wife (who has to heal from the delivery) and [...]

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oh…the places you’ll go

At the end of February when I started honey-do-this, Rach and pulled an all-nighter planning it out. We were both super excited. Re-do some rooms in the house, get things organized, build some furniture and prepare for the baby. It was only brought to my attention recently that there’s a word for this…NESTING! […]

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Build a Changing Table

Well, it's been 3 years since the birth of my daughter and I decided to upload some plans for this changing table. Go here to see the updated project plans for the purchase list, material cost, cut sizes and assembly instructions. Then flip back to here to see how I built mine! We're in the home stretch here at 35 [...]

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DIY Mirror Frame

Back in April I re-framed a cheap full-length mirror. My buddy Joe liked it so much that he asked me to help him with a DIY Mirror Frame for his place. Since I just finished wrapping up the room renovation and I’m still in town, why not! Even though I’ve got things down to a general science back home, there [...]

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How to re-finish a hardwood floor

We packed our suitcases and set off for Philadelphia early last week. Rachel's baby shower(s) were waiting! But this ain't no vacation for me! Without most of my tools or the usual setup, I hatched a plan to hook up my brother-in-law with a renovated bedroom as a high-school graduation gift. But perhaps I bit off more than I could chew? So [...]

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Build a Small Space Desk

Hey you! Check out the brand new 2015 project plans for this desk! Then swing back over here to see the process in 3D! Then go back to the plans and build it yourself! Want to know something interesting? Rachel has never had her own computer. Not even in college. She used the library and family PC. So over the holiday [...]

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