Compact Space Saving Desk Plans

Lately I've been digging into past projects on HNYDT to see how far I've come or...uh...regressed. One of my favorite projects to date was this compact space saving desk, inspired by a pottery barn desk that's been discontinued. I look at that desk and say yeah, I got that right. You're the man. But when I look at the project [...]

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DIY Platform Bed Plans

It's been almost three years exactly since I originally built my DIY platform bed, and it's become VERY popular. Almost as popular as you! No, you're right. It's not that popular. Anyway, I figured I would update the build with what I've learned over the years while also providing images based on my own SketchUp plans. I hope the extra [...]

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How to Make an Easy No-Sew Window Seat Cushion

There's a time in every man's life where he needs to make an easy no-sew window seat cushion. It's pretty much a right of passage. Everyone knows this. Don't look at me that way! This was my time. I've been training. And so because of that training my body is ready. Because I trained. First and foremost, I took measurements [...]

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A Dad’s Guide to Getting Rid of Cable

Last year I decided to switch to DirecTV to save some money on our monthly cable bill while gaining access to all of the NFL games last season. Don't laugh. So I canceled my Time Warner Cable package and signed my 2-year contract with DirecTV for something like $85 a month. A savings of about $40 bucks a month when [...]

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Let’s Build a Rustic Wooden Plank Bucket

When you decide to do things yourself, you open up a sparkling rainbow of possibilities. You get to choose your own path to your pot of gold. Want to stain first? DO IT! Want to sand last? No problem ya bum! It's open season for your own personal creativity and chi. And when things don't go exactly as planned, you [...]

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How to Build Honeycomb Shelves Part Two

This is Part Two of the most popular how to build honeycomb shelves guide in the pacific northwest. If you're looking for the purchase list, cut list and how to BUILD the need to be reading the step by step guide in Part One! Part Two covers the filling, sanding, painting, staining and hanging of the shelf. It's the real [...]

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DIY Honeycomb Shelves Part One

Honeycomb shelves are really cool. I've been mirin' them from a far for quite some time. I had a sneaking suspicion when we lived in Ohio that we wouldn't be there for very long. So strong were my suspicions that I felt discouraged to do a bunch of wall decor type projects. That and pure laziness. But since the wagons [...]

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DIY No Sew Table Runner

A few years ago if you asked me what a table runner was, I would tell you. I mean...really people? Give me some credit! BUT! If you asked me why people have table runners, I would probably tell you that I have no idea. I mean what purpose do they really serve, ya know? WELL after building a dining table [...]

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Build a Cork Memo Board Frame

As most things of this nature go, it all started with a crayon. A yellow crayon. This crayon happens to be the EXACT color of a counter stool we bought from Pier 1 Imports for our little computer "nook". The nook is a tucked right next to the stairwell and has a nice little built-in desk. This is the color I hope to use for the [...]

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Stay at home superiority syndrome

My daughter was born in the Chicago suburbs just before we were about to move to Cincinnati. We sold our place about two days after her birth and were out of there not even a month later. After staying with my parents while we waited to settle, hurricane Sandy rolled through, causing black-outs across the northeast. After Sandy we drove [...]

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