diy scrap wood workbench part two

Part two of my DIY scrap wood workbench build. It's a little longer than I would have liked, but I tried not to cut out a bunch of steps. Oh, and my circular saw sounded hilarious when editing...but not so much after the final export...LOL!

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Classic Queen Size Platform Bed Plans

It's been three years since I built my original platform bed frame and years since I've had a new mattress. And I think we may be due for one soon. Yeah. So I decided to design plans for what I'm calling my classic queen size platform bed. It's a bed frame. It's classy. And it's classic. Mostly because I said so. Just now. [...]

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A Dad’s Guide to Cutting Cable: Part Two

Back in late December I wrote about my experience ditching DirecTV and cutting the cord. It's a fun story about me getting PLAYED and then overcoming obstacles and eventually becoming the batman. You should read about it sometime. Unsurprisingly, since becoming the batman things have changed...for the BETTER! There are more options than ever: HBO has officially gone a la [...]

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Pink walls and Land of Nod

How naive of me to think that I would  make it through life without painting some wall in my house pink. As you know, I have been blessed with two girls (and suspect I will surely get a third, whenever it is that we decide to increase our odds of having a familial care-taker when we're old, cranky and perhaps [...]

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Changing Table Plans

Due to lack of space in the nursery, I designed my daughter's changing table to be a jack of all trades. The design offers concealed storage space, cubby/bin storage space, a bookcase and of course enough room on top to accommodate a changing pad and supplies. I also had 2x6 FEVER from my platform bed build so it's built like a [...]

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