Transform an Old Mirror with Color

We've had FIVE houses in just seven years. Each one of those houses had...a lot of rooms. Most of which I designed (and painted...and whined about painting). So after moving into the latest and greatest, we started realizing this STUFF worked perfectly in our previous spaces, but totally stick out like sore thumbs here. SO rather than buying new, we took an afternoon [...]

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Build a Blanket Ladder

Hundreds of years ago American colonists designed their furniture to be much simpler than that of their European counterparts; often ditching ornate details in name of function over form. Makes sense, right? They had to HUSTLE to survive! American colonists' furniture design trends were also years behind that of their European counterparts because of the ocean and stuff. Well fast forward to present day [...]

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Build a 3 Drawer Dresser

After going into their closet and barely making it out alive, I spent the majority of two weekends designing and building a three drawer dresser for my girls' bedroom. The project is pretty straight forward, but gets a little trickier when drawer slides are involved. More details soon! Difficulty: Intermediate Time Required: Weekend+ Cost: Under $100

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How to build an Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit

This is one of the few projects I built TWICE because it's so awesome. Check out the video and step by step guide on how to build an industrial pipe shelving unit. The guide provides two different variations for those with table saws and those without. I'm such a nice guy! Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: 1 Day Cost: $100-$125 (black pipe [...]

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diy scrap wood workbench part two

Part two of my DIY scrap wood workbench build. It's a little longer than I would have liked, but I tried not to cut out a bunch of steps. Oh, and my circular saw sounded hilarious when editing...but not so much after the final export...LOL!

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