Build and Install a Sliding Barn Door

Ever since I was a young man-child I've wanted a sliding barn door. But because we relocated across the country for so many years, it just wasn't worth the ASTRONOMICAL price to get a kit (when they first came to market they were about $300 and UP).  Well now that we've settled down and prices have come down, enough is enough! [...]

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Tools for new DIY’ers

I'm writing this post for one reason. To ENABLE you to start building your own furniture and decor. Historically, enabling has been painted in terribly negative light, but let's let this post be an exception to the rule. Building your own furniture and decor is fun, challenging, engaging and (after you acquire some basic tools) cheaper than purchasing from stores. But most of all it's [...]

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How to build an Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit

This is one of the few projects I built TWICE because it's so awesome. Check out the video and step by step guide on how to build an industrial pipe shelving unit. The guide provides two different variations for those with table saws and those without. I'm such a nice guy! Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: 1 Day Cost: $100-$125 (black pipe [...]

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Compact Space Saving Desk Plans

Lately I've been digging into past projects on HNYDT to see how far I've come or...uh...regressed. One of my favorite projects to date was this compact space saving desk, inspired by a pottery barn desk that's been discontinued. I look at that desk and say yeah, I got that right. You're the man. But when I look at the project [...]

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DIY Platform Bed Plans

It's been almost three years exactly since I originally built my DIY platform bed, and it's become VERY popular. Almost as popular as you! No, you're right. It's not that popular. Anyway, I figured I would update the build with what I've learned over the years while also providing images based on my own SketchUp plans. I hope the extra [...]

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Ingredients for DIY Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint is expensive! But if you're willing to get your hands dirty you won't have to break the bank. Check out this step-by-step guide to whip up some DIY Chalk Paint (for cheap, yo)! DIY Chalk Paint Supplies Needed: • Empty Containers with lids (I'm a peanut butter junkie) • Acrylic Craft Paint • Calcium Carbonate Powder • 1 [...]

Build a King-Sized Platform Bed

This week I set out to ditch our box-springs and get low! Read more to find out how to build your own king sized platform bed. Please GO HERE for the updated 2015 king-sized platform bed plans! They're BETTER! Come back here to see my build process for each corresponding step! Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: Weekend Cost: Under $100 [...]

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