diy scrap wood workbench part two

Part two of my DIY scrap wood workbench build. It's a little longer than I would have liked, but I tried not to cut out a bunch of steps. Oh, and my circular saw sounded hilarious when editing...but not so much after the final export...LOL!

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Classic Queen Size Platform Bed Plans

It's been three years since I built my original platform bed frame and years since I've had a new mattress. And I think we may be due for one soon. Yeah. So I decided to design plans for what I'm calling my classic queen size platform bed. It's a bed frame. It's classy. And it's classic. Mostly because I said so. Just now. [...]

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Changing Table Plans

Due to lack of space in the nursery, I designed my daughter's changing table to be a jack of all trades. The design offers concealed storage space, cubby/bin storage space, a bookcase and of course enough room on top to accommodate a changing pad and supplies. I also had 2x6 FEVER from my platform bed build so it's built like a [...]

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Compact Space Saving Desk Plans

Lately I've been digging into past projects on HNYDT to see how far I've come or...uh...regressed. One of my favorite projects to date was this compact space saving desk, inspired by a pottery barn desk that's been discontinued. I look at that desk and say yeah, I got that right. You're the man. But when I look at the project [...]

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DIY Platform Bed Plans

It's been almost three years exactly since I originally built my DIY platform bed, and it's become VERY popular. Almost as popular as you! No, you're right. It's not that popular. Anyway, I figured I would update the build with what I've learned over the years while also providing images based on my own SketchUp plans. I hope the extra [...]

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Build a Classic Farmhouse Table

In my spare time I’ve been building and writing up plans for a farmhouse table. My inspiration comes from Anthropologie’s, “Modern Farmhouse Table”. My farmhouse table is a more classic approach to the modern farmhouse table that was actually based on a classic farmhouse table. Yeah! Exactly! Whatever. In this post you’ll find a link to download the FREE .PDF [...]

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