Build a Blanket Ladder

Hundreds of years ago American colonists designed their furniture to be much simpler than that of their European counterparts; often ditching ornate details in name of function over form. Makes sense, right? They had to HUSTLE to survive! American colonists' furniture design trends were also years behind that of their European counterparts because of the ocean and stuff. Well fast forward to present day [...]

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Build an Upcycled Coffee Table

While walking back from the park with the kids I stumbled upon two chairs that my neighbors were throwing away curbside . So under the cover of darkness I TOOK those chairs and ran awkwardly into my garage. It sounds much creepier than it actually was. Or maybe not. In any case, today I’ll be using the legs from those [...]

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How to Build Honeycomb Shelves Part Two

This is Part Two of the most popular how to build honeycomb shelves guide in the pacific northwest. If you're looking for the purchase list, cut list and how to BUILD the need to be reading the step by step guide in Part One! Part Two covers the filling, sanding, painting, staining and hanging of the shelf. It's the real [...]

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DIY Honeycomb Shelves Part One

Honeycomb shelves are really cool. I've been mirin' them from a far for quite some time. I had a sneaking suspicion when we lived in Ohio that we wouldn't be there for very long. So strong were my suspicions that I felt discouraged to do a bunch of wall decor type projects. That and pure laziness. But since the wagons [...]

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