Pink walls and Land of Nod

How naive of me to think that I would  make it through life without painting some wall in my house pink. As you know, I have been blessed with two girls (and suspect I will surely get a third, whenever it is that we decide to increase our odds of having a familial care-taker when we're old, cranky and perhaps [...]

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I LOVE Your Accent…

I've had this thing for red accent walls since our 2nd home (or around 32 dog years) for all my dawgs out there. I've painted one, no TWO walls red in my life. And then for no reason at all...did nothing with them! Some would actually applaud my inaction, because I spent so much darn time painting them red! Come [...]

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The Ol’ Microwave Install Fakeout

It's 10:30 AM. Overcast with scattered showers. The girls went out to the museum for the day and I'm staring at the bare spot above my gas range where a microwave should be. I don't want to install it. I know I have to install it. So I'm going to install it. Soon. Just one more cup of coffee first... [...]

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Curtains, rugs and pillows…oh my!

Interior design is a funny thing. It's SO subjective. So when I sat down to get the kitchen and family room stylistically sorted out, I decided to just go for it and hope for the best! I've got a logical and (sometimes) rational explanation for why I'm putting a and b together...but's subjective...AND, I have no idea what I'm [...]

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I do my living in the family room

I recently determined that the name of the current color in the family room is, "THE THING". Not Steven King's thing, but the Fantastic 4 rock monster thing. That guy. The wall's lumpy bumpy texture only amplifies the thing effect. Now I have nothing against rock monsters. I just don't want them in the room I do my living in-the [...]

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If you want something done right…

The problem with always doing things yourself is knowing how to do things. So when you pay to have a company...lets call them Sears in this instance, come in and install something like...I dunno, a microwave, not only do you know when something is being done incorrectly, but you can also tell when an individual is taking their time to [...]

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Wait, are you color blind?!

Well here we are, our forth kitchen in five years. The best and reddest yet! It's got a fancy Italian of vibe to it, which is much different than anything I would have done myself. Regardless, I like it. I am part Italian, ya know? And whoever did the tile and cabinet work really seemed to put the time in [...]

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