Build a 7ft Dining Table Top

Part one of how to build a 7ft dining table! Today I'll be joining (7) boards and edge gluing them together to form one big happy wood family (table top). Difficulty: Intermediate Time Required: Weekend Cost: $120 Tools Required: Clamps 3/4" Pipe Clamps (need at least clamps and one piece of 3/4" pipe from Home [...]

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Build a Stacked Storage Chest End Table

It’s that time of the month again...when Rachel gets to pick what I build. But instead of doing what she wanted this month, I’m doing what she wanted last month. LOL! Using scrap wood from previous failed projects, I'm going to build a stacked storage chest end table. Check out this awesome space by Liz Marie... it’s what inspired this project (other than [...]

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Build a Classic Farmhouse Table

In my spare time I’ve been building and writing up plans for a farmhouse table. My inspiration comes from Anthropologie’s, “Modern Farmhouse Table”. My farmhouse table is a more classic approach to the modern farmhouse table that was actually based on a classic farmhouse table. Yeah! Exactly! Whatever. In this post you’ll find a link to download the FREE .PDF [...]

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Build a Changing Table

Well, it's been 3 years since the birth of my daughter and I decided to upload some plans for this changing table. Go here to see the updated project plans for the purchase list, material cost, cut sizes and assembly instructions. Then flip back to here to see how I built mine! We're in the home stretch here at 35 [...]

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