DIY Vanity for my Girls Shared Bedroom

In the final months before my first daughter was born, I designed and built a desk for my wife to play facebook tetris on while she was home on maternity leave. We used to facebook tetris BATTLE and loser would have to pick-up late-night-crazy-pregnant-binge foods at Portillos, IHOP or 7-eleven. I wish I was kidding. Well actually now that I think about [...]

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Build Picture Ledges for Children’s Books

I searched high and low for a little DIY on how to build picture ledges for children's books. Unfortunately, most of the search results had huge holes missing from their processes. For example, they would show the wood...and then the finished ledges. I was like...WOW! These people are superheroes! So fast and efficient that I missed the whole process! So I [...]

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DIY Play Kitchen

My sister mentioned getting her daughter a play kitchen for her birthday and I said...let me stop you right there, SISTER! I'll make it! And so a DIY Play Kitchen was created! The previous homeowner left this pre-joined block of wood in the garage. It was a little beat up, but should clean up nicely for the butcher-block style of [...]

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