DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Frame

After an unfortunate extended layoff due to CHILDREN (getting me sick), I'm back with some magnetic chalkboard magic. Using 2x3 sheetmetal, 1x4 pine, plywood and Rustoleum chalkboard paint I constructed a magnetic chalkboard to organize the family's activities in the kitchen command-center. Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: Weekend Cost: Under $50 2 [...]

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Build a Cork Memo Board Frame

As most things of this nature go, it all started with a crayon. A yellow crayon. This crayon happens to be the EXACT color of a counter stool we bought from Pier 1 Imports for our little computer "nook". The nook is a tucked right next to the stairwell and has a nice little built-in desk. This is the color I hope to use for the [...]

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DIY Mirror Frame

Back in April I re-framed a cheap full-length mirror. My buddy Joe liked it so much that he asked me to help him with a DIY Mirror Frame for his place. Since I just finished wrapping up the room renovation and I’m still in town, why not! Even though I’ve got things down to a general science back home, there [...]

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Build a Picture Frame without a Table Saw

I’ve been searching the web for some direction on how to make some picture frames, but the results so far have been underwhelming. I’m finding that either the how-to articles call for tools I don’t own yet (TABLESAW!), or the tutorials have no pictures and terrible directions (like the books I read, I require the tutorials I follow to include [...]

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