M-Series DIY Bed Frame

My four year old is finally ready for her first "big girl" bed, so over the past few weeks I designed and built the m-series DIY bed frame just for her. It's low to the ground so she can get in and out easily and if she were to fall out it wouldn't be much of a drop. The bed [...]

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Classic Queen Size Platform Bed Plans

It's been three years since I built my original platform bed frame and like...seven years since I've had a new mattress. And I think we may be due for one soon. Yeah. So I decided to design plans for what I'm calling my classic queen size platform bed. It's a bed frame. It's classy. And it's classic. Mostly because I said so. Just now. [...]

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DIY Platform Bed Plans

It's been almost three years exactly since I originally built my DIY platform bed, and it's become VERY popular. Almost as popular as you! No, you're right. It's not that popular. Anyway, I figured I would update the build with what I've learned over the years while also providing images based on my own SketchUp plans. I hope the extra [...]

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