DIY Mirror Frame

Back in April I re-framed a cheap full-length mirror. My buddy Joe liked it so much that he asked me to help him with a DIY Mirror Frame for his place. Since I just finished wrapping up the room renovation and I’m still in town, why not! Even though I’ve got things down to a general science back home, there [...]

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Re-frame a Cheap Full Length Mirror

In this step-by-step guide I'm going to remove and re-frame a cheap full length mirror for under $40 bucks! Here's a breakdown of what you would need to do this yourself... Tools: Tape Measure Square Flathead Screwdriver Masking Tape Clamps Wood Glue Wood Filler Orbital Sander/Sanding Block Miter Saw Gloves/Rag Hearing Protection Safety Glasses Materials: 2 – 1″x4″x8′ Pine New [...]

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Floating Shelves From Scratch

Let's get started... Tools: Tape measure Wood Glue Wood Filler Wood Screws Miter Saw Orbital Sander/Sanding Block Square Level Stud-finder Clamps (6 would do) Drill Countersink drillbit Hearing Protection Safety Glasses Materials: 2 - 1"x6"x8' Pine 3 - 1"x2"x8' Pine So here is a warped 1x6. I spent a bunch of time at the store doing my best to make [...]

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Build a Picture Frame without a Table Saw

I’ve been searching the web for some direction on how to make some picture frames, but the results so far have been underwhelming. I’m finding that either the how-to articles call for tools I don’t own yet (TABLESAW!), or the tutorials have no pictures and terrible directions (like the books I read, I require the tutorials I follow to include [...]

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