Tools for new DIY’ers

I'm writing this post for one reason. To ENABLE you to start building your own furniture and decor. Historically, enabling has been painted in terribly negative light, but let's let this post be an exception to the rule. Building your own furniture and decor is fun, challenging, engaging and (after you acquire some basic tools) cheaper than purchasing from stores. But most of all it's [...]

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How to Properly Dispose of Oil Soaked Rags

Unlike most of...everything I do, this is super serious business. It's something every rookie (and veteran) DIY'er should know before jumping headfirst into a wood staining project. So here it is: Oil soaked rags can SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST! I kid you not, kid! After reading extensively about the subject on the internet, I'm a pretty much the leading expert on this now. So let me [...]

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Stay at home superiority syndrome

My daughter was born in the Chicago suburbs just before we were about to move to Cincinnati. We sold our place about two days after her birth and were out of there not even a month later. After staying with my parents while we waited to settle, hurricane Sandy rolled through, causing black-outs across the northeast. After Sandy we drove [...]

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Just moved into my new house, now what?

This isn't my first time at the move-in rodeo. I mean at this point we've moved so much over the last five years that I have to use a GPS to get to my bathroom. A sad admission. I digress... There are a couple things that I pretty much ALWAYS do when moving into a new house. As soon [...]

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Organizing a MESSY Garage

I'm not a master of organization by any means of the imagination, but there are a few keys to organizing a messy garage to keep in mind... Organizing a MESSY Garage 1. Don't waste space! I'm not the tallest guy around, but this table was built for a giant. I can't find anything functional to do with it, as it [...]

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Being a stay-at-home dad

After giving it some serious thought, I’ve got this to say about being a stay-at-home dad: It’s brought out all of the inadequacies in me, as a man and as a person in general. Everyone has a self-perception, who and what they see when they look in the mirror. Who you think you are. Taking care of a baby all [...]

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Making a new house a home

The initial surge of excitement after getting the keys to a new pad is amazing, but all good things come to an end…My excitement ended right around the time I realized: A. This whole house needs furnishing and B. We don’t have any toilet paper Here’s where I started in order to get this new house feeling like home… [...]

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Diaper Bag for Dads

You know what’s hard to find? A simple diaper bag for dads. But you know what I figured out? Diaper bags can be any bag! Just add diapers! And bottles…and wipes…and…well, check out what I picked up after the jump! […]

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How to sell a house with a newborn baby

This is our second sale in two years and although the homes are hundreds of miles apart, a few things are exactly the same…mainly this: Selling a home in the current market is hard. Add a newborn baby to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for hair-loss. Throw in your wife (who has to heal from the delivery) and [...]

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