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M-Series DIY Bed Frame

My four year old is finally ready for her first "big girl" bed, so over the past few weeks I designed and built the m-series DIY bed frame just for her. It's low to the ground so she can get in and out easily and if she were to fall out it wouldn't be much of a drop. The bed [...]

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Build and Install a Sliding Barn Door

Ever since I was a young man-child I've wanted a sliding barn door. But because we relocated across the country for so many years, it just wasn't worth the ASTRONOMICAL price to get a kit (when they first came to market they were about $300 and UP).  Well now that we've settled down and prices have come down, enough is enough! [...]

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DIY Vanity for my Girls Shared Bedroom

In the final months before my first daughter was born, I designed and built a desk for my wife to play facebook tetris on while she was home on maternity leave. We used to facebook tetris BATTLE and loser would have to pick-up late-night-crazy-pregnant-binge foods at Portillos, IHOP or 7-eleven. I wish I was kidding. Well actually now that I think about [...]

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DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Frame

After an unfortunate extended layoff due to CHILDREN (getting me sick), I'm back with some magnetic chalkboard magic. Using 2x3 sheetmetal, 1x4 pine, plywood and Rustoleum chalkboard paint I constructed a magnetic chalkboard to organize the family's activities in the kitchen command-center. Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: Weekend Cost: Under $50 2 [...]

2017-02-02T10:26:56+00:00November 6th, 2016|DIY Decor, Frames, Kitchen, Videos|0 Comments

Build a 7ft Dining Table Top

Part one of how to build a 7ft dining table! Today I'll be joining (7) boards and edge gluing them together to form one big happy wood family (table top). Difficulty: Intermediate Time Required: Weekend Cost: $120 Tools Required: Clamps 3/4" Pipe Clamps (need at least clamps and one piece of 3/4" pipe from Home [...]

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Rustic Sign from Reclaimed Pallet Wood

Episode 1 from my new series DIYwithFriends! Mike and Shuo stopped by and we built a rustic sign using a custom template of their initials and an old pallet. Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: 1/2 Day Cost: Under $25 Tools Required: Clamps Miter Saw Wood Glue Elmers Wood Filler Power Sander or Sanding Block Sanding Paper Foam [...]

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Tools for new DIY’ers

I'm writing this post for one reason. To ENABLE you to start building your own furniture and decor. Historically, enabling has been painted in terribly negative light, but let's let this post be an exception to the rule. Building your own furniture and decor is fun, challenging, engaging and (after you acquire some basic tools) cheaper than purchasing from stores. But most of all it's [...]

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Designing a 7ft Dining Table

My friend recently relocated to our area and has been sporting the same dinette set for a number of years. Her new pad has a VERY nice formal dining room so we collaborated in designing a 7ft, 6-8 seat dining table to fit her needs. This dining table build sports a 5/4" thick 7ft pine table top, custom made apron and [...]

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