Well here we are, our forth kitchen in five years. The best and reddest yet! It’s got a fancy Italian of vibe to it, which is much different than anything I would have done myself. Regardless, I like it. I am part Italian, ya know? And whoever did the tile and cabinet work really seemed to put the time in to do things right–which is nice for a change! But the honeymoon stage has ended for this guy…these red walls just cannot stay. It’s me or the red!

While it’s not a bad choice as far as reds go, I find that it takes away from both the fine details in the cabinets AND tile work. Dark, saturated colors tend to shrink and weigh spaces down. You’ll have to take what I say with a grain of salt though…my painting professor once stopped the class to administer a color blind test to me in front of the ENTIRE class. She swore I was color blind due to my color selections in that day’s painting. I passed with flying colors though. It must not have occurred to her that that I’m just TERRIBLE at painting!

Anyway, today I’m going to lighten things up a bit with a Benjamin Moore paint color called Revere Pewter. I ran to Lowes and they matched the color for me from the name alone, no swatch or sample needed! The paint I’m rocking is the Olympic Icon brand, which is their Zero VOC line with a low odor. Revere Pewter is a grey tone that I *think* has enough green in it to emphasize the green tiles and bring some focus to the rust/red tile-work that was completely masked by the previous red. In other words I’m like…bringing sexy back, as they say.

You probably know by now that I’m not a big fan of painting. My dining room debacle at the last house had me down for the count…so much so that this time around I went out and got quotes from local painters…for the whole downstairs! Crazy, I know. What’s even crazier is the prices I got back…they were ASTRONOMICAL! The funny things is, I dislike painting so much I was ready to pull the trigger! But after sleeping on it I woke up and realized…I can fully furnish and decorate this WHOLE HOUSE for the budget these guys wanted to paint HALF of our house. So here I am. Bright eyed and bushy tailed. No one said I had to be happy about it!

I find what made painting so painful for me in the past was my lack of preparation. Painting is probably 80% prep work, 10% cursing, 8% pain and 2%…painting. Yeah. So I spent about $30 bucks getting proper painting protection stuff. You know, the usual stuff…that I usually never get! And as much as I hate to admit it, it makes the painting process so much easier. You aren’t worried about dripping or spilling as much because you’ve got yourself covered.

See how much fun I was having!

This kitchen had so many complicated corners and angles to paint due to the skylight. It was more tiring than I expected! Especially the textured walls (which I hate, but have come to accept). It makes brushing paint on much, much more difficult. 10% cursing, remember?

Don’t try to paint around the fridge, people! I’ve seen what happens…! IT’S NOT PRETTY! Also, I discovered just about everything you can think of from under and behind this guy. Everything from picture-day photos of previous homeowner’s relatives, peanuts, m&m’s, goldfish, animal crackers, bubbles, pens, peach color swatch(lol), business cards…and…

John Daly with a DUM DUM! You know, the usual.

Now that the bunny sized dust bunnies and all of the snack isle is gone, it looks pretty clean!

Here’s the kitchen after rolling and a second coat. Not only did the revere pewter open up the space, but I feel like it also accentuates the fine finishes. Or maybe not? What do you think? Once the sun comes back up tomorrow I’ll take another photo with things all cleaned up!



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